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Drywall Installation Contractors for Florida

Drywall Installation Contractors For Florida

Commercial And High-End Residential Project Specialists

Located in Palm Bay, B&B South is our contracting team specializing in drywall installation, finishing and texturing for the state of Florida.  Experienced, highly skilled, and committed to providing both commercial and residential customers with exceptional service, we ensure that every job is finished to the highest standards each and every time. As a premiere drywall contractor B&B South can handle a wide range of projects.

Florida Drywall Installation

Installing drywall is a main area of focus for B&B South, and we can take on a range of different projects thanks to an experienced workforce. Our drywall, texturing, and framing teams can work together on all types of projects, producing cost effective but high quality results, regardless of size or type.  Read more about our drywall installation services.

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Drywall Installation Contractors For Florida
Commercial And High-End Residential Project Specialists
Florida Drywall Installation

The Process:

1. Estimates      

After speaking to the customer via phone, a foreman and project manager went to survey the area and determine exactly what materials were needed, and all the relevant amounts.  We provided an accurate estimate of cost and completion time that demonstrated our skill and efficiency.

2. Materials

We were able to order the necessary materials to create a quality mix and appear on site within 2 days ready to begin work on the project.

3. Installation

Texturing styles including ‘knockdown’ were required, and our drywall specialists were capable of creating an outstanding finish for the customer in every room.   Committed to ensuring even the smallest details were never overlooked, the customer was very impressed with our designs.

4. Post settlement specialist visit

We always provide our customers with a post settlement visit for quality control, and this project was completed to a very high standard initially, so very little work was required post completion.

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